Dr. Ashish Kale – IVF Specialist in Pune

Dr. Ashish Ramchandra Kale

M.D (O & G), D.N.B, M.N.A.M.S, Dip. Endopelvic Surgery (Germany), F.I.C.O.G (India) F.I.C.S.

  • Director at Ashakiran Hospital Pune
  • Director at Arunachal IVF Center 

Academic Achievements

  • Fellow in ART / IVF (Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, U.S.A.) – 2012
  • M.D. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology Examination, Sambalpur University) –First Rank Holder – Nov. 2006
  • M.B.B.S.Examination (BharatiVidyapeeth Deemed University Pune) Distinction in Opthalmology& E.N.T.- Oct. 2000

Dr. Ashish Kale is a well-known IVF specialist and director of Ashakiran Hospital and Asha IVF Center. He has consistently strived to be the source of true delight for young couples through providing infertility and hysteroscopy treatments.

Dr. Ashish Kale has extensive expertise in Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, all kinds of pelvic surgeries and retroperitoneal dissections.

Dr. Kale has performed obstetric operations like L.S.C.S. and Destructive procedures, along with laparoscopic procedures such as T.L.H., adnexal surgeries, adhesiolysis, along with hysteroscopic procedures. He has also performed surgeries like vaginal hysterectomies, N.D.V.H., abdominal hysterectomies, and myomectomies, amongst many others.

Dr. Ashish kale provides the following treatments based on his 20 years of experience:

  1. Invitro Fertilization (IVF)
  2. Artificial Insemination (IUI)
  3. Embryo Transfer
  4. Embryo Cryopreservation
  5. Oocyte Banking
  6. Semen analysis and cryopreservation
  7. Surrogacy
  8. Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)
  9. Blastocyst Transfer
  10. Vitrification
  11. Laparoscopy
  12. Hysteroscopy

IVF is a time-tested procedure to increase the chance of pregnancy. This is a sequential process. It requires the harvest of oocytes from the woman’s ovary, receiving ovarian stimulation, achieved through the use of ovulation induction medication. Success rates 20- 45%. Dr. Ashish Kale is the IVF specialist in Pune at Ashakiran Hospital which is the Best IVF Center in Pune.


IVF-ET was initially considered a treatment of choice for tubal factor infertility. Thus cases of tubal disease, occlusion, adhesions or surgery were considered as other treatments that could not offer comparable success. Subsequently, IVF indications expanded to include PCOS wherein better follicular growth and fertilization rates were obtained.
Today the indications cover unexplained infertility, advancing maternal age, repeated trials of conservative treatments, ovarian failure, and antispam antibodies. IVF Specialist in Pune offers the possibility of a diagnosis of gamete dysfunction. With the advent of ICSI, indications have expanded to encompass almost all cases of male infertility.


Patient Selection
There has been a marked increase in the patient population in all infertility clinics the world over, but all infertility clinics may not be sufficiently equipped with the latest technology and expertise essential to offer the best possible help. Hence there is a need for patient selection in order to categorize them into specific groups and then refer them to different levels of infertility care units for step-wise investigation and treatment.


In general, infertile couples can be categorized broadly into three groups:

(1) Those with a single defect in one of the partners
(2) Those with multiple defects in one or both the partners
(3) No apparent defect in either partner (unexplained infertility).

Dr. Ashish Kale is an experienced Gynaecologist IVF Specialist in Pune. He has over 18 years of experience as a Gynaec Endoscopy Surgeon and currently practicing at Ashakiran hospital, which is one of the best Infertility Center in Pune.

IVF Facilities available at our centre:

Zee 24 Taas Interview

F.I.C.S. Sept 2011 Jammu- Kashmir (fellow of international college of surgeons.)
M.I.C.O.G Jan   2011 Hydrabad(Indian College Of O&G India)
M.N.A.M.S June  2008 New Delhi
D.N.B Examination June 2007 New Delhi
Dip.Endopelvic Surgery May 2006 University Hospitals Schleswig-Hoistein, Campus Kiel, Germany.
M.D. Obs & Gynaec. May 2006 University of Sambalpur, Orissa. Burla medical college.
Internship Dec.2001 Bharati Vidhyapeeth Medical college, Pune
M.B.B.S. Oct. 2000 Bharati Vidhyapeeth Medical college, Pune
About Obstetrics- sufficient expertise to treat all kinds of deliveries. Well versed with managing medical disorders in pregnancy, high risk pregnancies also in techniques of breech delivery, forceps application, ventouse application.
About Performed surgeries like MTP, LSCS, and Destructive procedures in obstetrics.
About Good experience in gynecological oncology work.
About Performed surgeries like vaginal hysterectomies ,NDVH, Abdominal hysterectomies, myomectomies.
About Good experience of managing emergency conditions in obstetrics and gynecology.
About Experience of Laparoscopic surgeries like TLH, adenexal surgeries, adhesiolysis, Hysteroscopic surgeries.
About Interested and currently working in basic surgeries. Special interest in endoscopies.
About Attended various conferences and CME, workshops for acquiring new surgical skills.
About Interest in basic research in Obstetrics & Gynecology .infertility work at basic  level as well as advanced training.
About Laparoscopic surgeries in gynaecology  are done by self and also done with TLH,LAVH surgeries.
About Comparative study between vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy for benign gynecological condition – under Prof. Dr R. Panigrahi – presented as a thesis to university of Sambalpur for M.D. O & G . Presented as paper in regional conference. -2005
About Poster presentation- Hysteroscopy to the door step of under privileged infertile women in western Orissa- World congress on practical infertility management and human reproduction.-  2004
About Paper presentation – oxytocin bolus and methyl ergometrine in prevention of PPH – 48 th All India Congress of Obst & Gynaec. –  2005.
About Pregnancy out come in sickle cell anemia –research paper at FOGSI journal –2008 as accepted paper for publication
About Faculty at MRCOG conference Aurangabad 2007
About Faculty at RCOG conference at Kolkatta 2007.
About Organizing committee member of international congress of infertility ,Pune – 2008
About Faculty member in international workshop in advance gynaec. Endoscopy Pune Y.C.M, Pune -2008
About Topic on PNDT act in Principles of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for post graduates (Jaypee Publications-2008)
About Faculty member in IUI Workshop at AMOG Conference -2009
About Facutly for presentation on Dense Adhesions in Hysterectomy at AMOGS conference -2009
About Topic in Essentials of Research Methodology and Dissertation Writing book (Jaypees 2009)
About Managing Council Member of POGS – 2008 – 2009.
About Faculty at workshop in urogynaecology at annual conference POGS 2009.
About Founder Member of PAGES Pune Association of Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeons 2010.
About Managing Council Member of POGS –   2010-2011.
About Faculty at AICOG 2011 Hydrabad as chairperson.
About Co-convener at ENDO PUNE Conference at Jahangir Hospital Pune 2011
About Associate clinical secretary of POGS 2010 -2011
About Faculty at IAGE 2011 annual conference  at Aurangabad 2011-presentation on need of myomectomy
About Organizer of GROS international conference of laparoscopy and robotics at pune 2011.
About Faculty at NANDED for recurrent miscarriages FOGSI Mala Arora Wrokshop June 2011.
About Faculty at SHRIGANGANAGAR as FOGSI welfare committee member NOV 2011.
About Delivered Lecture to Post –Graduate students at College of Physician and Surgeons MUMBAI .DEC.2011.
About Faculty at  CME on IVF at shirur 2011.
About Director , IVF Centre, Jind, Haryana
About Director , Ashakiran Hospital ,Pune
About Director at Arunachal IVF Center
About Assistant Professor in MIMER  Medical College – Talegaon. (Fri)
About Hon.consultant at Kamla Nehru Pune Municipal Corporation Hospital ( Sat.)
About Consultant at Surya Hospital  ( wed/sat.)
About Panel consultant Ruby Hall Clinic.
About Consultant AIMS,Aundh
About Hon. Consultant Gynecologist  Laproscopic Surgeon, in Y.C.M. Hospital ,Pimpri – Chichwad, pune. ( Tues / Thurs.)


About 08/05/2006 – 30/05/06 Endopelvic Diploma  trainee at University Hospitals and college,Kiel and Giessen,Germany. working with various consultants in  department, Obsteterics and Gynaecology.
About May 2005 – May 2006 Senior registrar in Department of Obs & Gynaec. Burla Medical College, Sambalpur.
About May 2003 – May 2005 Junior registrar in Department of Obs & Gynaec Burla Medical College, Sambalpur.Orissa.
About Jan 2002 –  Jan  2003 Resident Doctor Surya Hospital  Pune.
About   Ex. Associate Prof. at D.Y. Patil Medical College,Pune
About FOGSI advance training in ART Ahmadabad -2010.
About IAGE Annual conference – 2009 Kochi.
About FOGSI Training Course in ART Aurangabad– 2008.
About Non Descend Vaginal Hysterectomy Workshop at Aurangabad – 2007.
About Congess of Royal College Of Obstetricians at Kolkatta – 2007.
About Basic training in Hysteroscopy. – Fedration of Obstetriscs and Gynaecology India Ahemadabad – 2006.
About Basic training in Laparoscopy – F.O.G.S .India, Ahemadabad 2006.
About All India Congress of Obs & Gynaec. Kochi -2006.
About I.U.I and 3 D USG Workshop at world congress –2006.
About Advance endosopic surgery in Gynaecology – Giessen school of endoscopy, Germany.
About All India Congress of Obst & Gynaec. Aurangabad -2005.
About World Congress on Practical Infertility Management and Human Reproduction.- 2004.
About Member of F.O.G.S.I.(Fedaration of O&G India) (2006).
About Member of Pune Obs & Gyn. Society (2006).
About Member of Indian Society of Gynaecological  Endoscopy ISGE (2007).
About Member of Indian Society for Asisited Reproduction ISAR (2011).
About Member of Indian Fertility Society IFS (2011).
About Medical undergraduates Clinical instructor and end of term assessments of 2ndand 3rd year students from Burla Medical College, Sambalpur.
About Clinical tutorials to final year students Teacher for postgraduate   diploma students  in Y.C.M.H hospital in Pune. Assistant professor  in MIMMER  Medical College – Talegaon. JUNE -2008.
About Examiner for DGO in college of physician & surgeons (CPS) Mumbai – 2012

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