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In developing countries cervical cancer is one of concerns in gynaecological cancer and third commonest cancer after breast cancer.
Coming to cervical cancer it has two peaks in age group i.e. thirties and sixties . as there are symptoms from the patients like post coital bleeding , intermenstrual spotting ,foul smelling vaginal discharge. Prevention is better than cure so we should be aware of screening tests those are available at our center namely PAP smear , HPV virus detection kit . if you have daughter then you should think of giving HPV vaccine so she will be protective .
Ideally PAP smear should be taken every year and if it shows positivity then cervical biopsy should be done for confirmation we can stage the disease by clinical examination of patient if it is early onset then our center provides curative therapies like cone biopsy or wertheims hysterectomy. We can offer concurrent as well as adjuvant radiotherapy. Our center gives better results in field of cancer treatment by taking help from oncosurgeons as well as oncophysicians .
Second most common cancer is ovarian malignancy ,as it occurs usually in post menopausal patients but rarely in reproductive age also. Complaints from the patients are loss of appetite and weight ,pain in abdomen, sometime they presents with mass or ascitis in abdomen.Diagnosis in this patients are mainly by usg showing mass in ovary ,increased blood supply ,free fluid in abdomen ,bilateral ovarian mass .one can do MRI as well as parcentesis in cases of advance stage. Staging is done by doing laparotomy.
In our center we routinely do laparotomies for ovarian tumors as well as we give post operative chemotherapy. Survival rate of patients depends upon the spread of diseases aswell as age of patient.
Third common cancer is endometrial cancer /uterine cancer usually this patients presents with excessive per vaginal bleeding and know case of hypertention,diabetes as well as they are obese .Diagnosing modality is USG to know endometrial thickening as well as MRI to know lymphnode involvements. One can do fractional curettage or diagnostic hysteroscopy for confirmation.Mode of treatment will be surgery followed by chemotheraphy.
We also do rare malignancies like gestational trophoblstic neoplasia ,vulval and vaginal cnacer.
At last we can say we should be aware of cancer and one should screen for the same so lets come together to fight against cancer

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