Diabesity and PCOS in Females

Diabesity and PCOS Ovaries: The new Epidemic!
PCOS is a common hormonal abnormality seen mostly in reproductive age groups
Affects about 30% females
Diagnosis is by Rotterdam criteria: 2/3 should be present
2.polycystic ovarian morphology
It also affects other metabolisms like insulin resistance causing diabetes, impaired glucose
tolerance and this ultimately exacerbates obesity
It has a genetic predisposition.
Pcos can either be lean PCOS or obese PCOS.
This classification is important to categorize the causal effect and treatment also differs
Insulin-mediated glucose disposal reflects the action of insulin on muscle cells and this is
decreased by 30-40% in women with PCOS.
This is further worsened with obesity.
The endogenous glucose production is also affected and this causes glucose intolerance.
They also have menstrual irregularities and infertility due to lack of mature egg ( anovulation )
1. Change in lifestyle and diet
2. Exercise
3. Weight reduction
4. Drugs to regularise menses and antidiabetic drugs
5. Ovulation-inducing agents with or without IUI for subfertility


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