Effect of Vitamin B2 Deficiency on Pregnancy

Vitamin B2 that is riboflavin, is a constituent of flavoenzymes concerned with energy metabolism and antioxidant function. 

A recommended amount of vitamin B2 for pregnant women is 1.4 mg every day. 

Vitamin B2 deficiency has been connected to preeclampsia.

Even though the exact cause of preeclampsia is not recognised, reduced intracellular levels of B2 could result in mitochondrial dysfunction — increase the oxidative stress and get in the way of nitric oxide release and consequently blood vessel dilation —leading to preeclampsia. 

Effect of Vitamin B2 deficiency during pregnancy:

If you’re pregnant, it’s extremely crucial to have enough riboflavin in your diet. A riboflavin deficit could jeopardise your baby’s growth and raise your risk of preeclampsia, a dangerously high blood pressure condition that occurs during pregnancy. It is a dangerous condition that can life-threatening.

Getting enough vitamin B2

Eat a healthy and balanced diet to get enough vitamin B-2. It’s present at the levels most people need in dairy products, including cottage cheese and milk.

Other sources include:

  • egg yolks
  • red meat
  • dark meat
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • soybeans
  • almonds
  • grains, such as wheat

But don’t forget to consult your doctor before consuming any naturally high vitamin B2 or any supplement. 

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