High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery Deccan, Baner

Ensuring that you complete a full term of your pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby, is the keystone at Ashakiran Hospital and Dr. Ashish Kale takes it extremely seriously. High-risk pregnancy and delivery cases require a very different kind of care to deal with complications during pregnancy or childbirth, where our expertise and experience in the same step in.

High-risk pregnancy and delivery causing factors can be split into four different categories. Which includes:

Medical history

Lifestyle choices

Maternal age

Pregnancy conditions


High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery


High-risk pregnancies can be diagnosed in numerous ways by a Gynaecologist. Tests can help identify high-risk pregnancy problems and will be prescribed by your doctor depending on your condition or symptoms.

  • Ultrasounds

We can detect a high-risk pregnancy by detecting the

  1. Blood flow of the baby, i.e. Doppler studies of the baby
  2. We also see the fluid around the baby, called Liquor fluid.
  3. The Birth weight that the baby is gaining.

So when any problem has been identified with any of the three factors, it can diagnose a high-risk pregnancy. At Ashakiran hospital, you will get an immediate diagnosis and treatment for your high-risk pregnancy and delivery in the banner, Deccan.

 Several ultrasounds are used for high-risk pregnancy diagnoses, including targeted ultrasound, which constructs an image of the child in the womb and identifies the suspected issue, e.g. abnormal fetal development.

  • Blood Testing – TThrough a blood test, you can detect a high-risk pregnancy like that of having gestational hypertension and hyper hyperglycemia in pregnancy, i.e. High blood sugar, which can easily be seen through a blood test done accurately at the right time.


Signs and Symptoms

When you learn of being pregnant, you should consult your doctor about the possibilities of a high-risk pregnancy. It is also a good idea to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions, their possible consequences, and how they can be dealt with.
Signs and symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy and delivery to look out for:

In the following situation, it is essential to get immediate medical attention:

Loss of consciousness – It wouldn’t be possible for you to take any action in such a situation. Brief your partner, neighbour or colleague in advance of what to do in such a situation

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Unbearable pain in your belly or pelvis
  • Fluid leaking from your vagina


If you plan to get pregnant, it is the best idea to take every measure possible to prevent a high-risk pregnancy. At Ashakiran, healthy behaviour and undertaking tests early can minimize the chance of a high-risk pregnancy to an optimum level.
Following are significant reasons for high-risk pregnancy problems:

  • A pre-existing medical condition like diabetes or hypertension in the mother
  • Pregnancy-related issues that lead to complications such as premature labour
  • Age of the expecting mother
  • Lifestyle disorders


 A high-risk pregnancy treatment will be prescribed depending on the risk factors you are diagnosed with. We at Ashakiran hospital have state-of-the-art infrastructure to give you the best possible care in all high-risk pregnancy situations.

Listed below are some standard methods of treatment of high-risk pregnancies and delivery:

  • Gestational Diabetes – Such a condition increases the risk of complications during pregnancy. Following a diet and treatment plan prescribed by the doctor can help have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.
  • High blood pressure – During pregnancy, blood pressure medication may be recommended depending upon your condition. Lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and reducing salt intake may also be prescribed.


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