IVF Treatment a ray of hope for infertility in couples

IVF Treatment a ray of hope for infertility in couples

July 25, 1978 a date worth remembering as it is celebrated “World Embryologists Day” on this day Louise Joy Brown became the first baby to be conceived through IVF or Vitro Fertilization. Out of the many treatments available IVF is one of the most recommended treatment.

IVF is a ray of hope for people who aspire to have a baby and have infertility issues. It’s a treatment when all other treatments fail.

Here are a few advantages of IVF treatment

  1. Infertility:

IVF allows couple to have their own biological child, rather than using a donated sperm or egg if they are facing infertility issues.

  1. Success Rate is High:

IVF is also recommended in case of unknown infertility issues and fallopian tube related problems or sperm related issues where all other infertility treatment fail.

  1. Safe:

It is one of the safest, most successful and most recommended refined treatment around the world.

  1. Screening Embryo:

If the couples wish they can even screen their embryos for chromosomal problems or hereditary diseases.

  1. Donation of Egg or Sperm:

In some cases their might be problem in an individual’s egg or sperm in such a case a donated sperm or egg is used to fertilize outside the body and then it can be inserted in a women’s uterus


IVF can play a huge role in helping couples with infertility issues. Millions of healthy babies have been conceived through IVF, which remains one of the primary choices for couples struggling with infertility and one of the most recommended treatment in such cases.

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