Common Myths Associated with Male Infertility

7 Most Common Myths Associated with Male Infertility

Indian society mostly saddles women with the responsibility of bearing children, which signifies it’s the female who is blamed for being infertile should there be a delay or absence in pregnancy. Today, we’re debunking such myths by presenting a must-know list of myths and facts about male infertility. Like – did you have any idea that being overweight could harm the quality of sperms and overall sperm production? Here’s Dr. Ashish Kale, who provides special treatment for  Male Infertility in Pune, lays forward the causes behind it. He says, “Male infertility can often be treated, but first it’s necessary to clear the taboos and certain myths and seek medical help.” 

  1. Myth:

The biggest myth surrounding infertility is that infertility could be a female problem. 

Fact: “This isn’t true. In fact, in about 40% of cases of infertility; the issue lies with the male. We do see numerous cases where thousands of tests for females are done but not a single semen analysis is done for the male partner.”

  1. Myth: Stress is one of the main causes of infertility. 

Fact: “False. Stress affects one’s drive but not the semen quality or quantity and thus won’t result in infertility. So, if the sexual relations are ok and a lady still doesn’t conceive, then medical help should be sought for both the partners.”

  1. Myth: Keeping the testicles cold will enhance semen quality. 

Fact: “False. Cooling testicles with ice isn’t only dangerous but ineffective too. However, wearing tight undergarments, and prolonged driving should be avoided because it raises the scrotal temperature and affects sperm quality. Also, heat and radiation from the prolonged use of a laptop on the lap and frequent use of hot tubs or saunas aren’t good for sperms and is proven by many studies to decrease the sperm count.”

  1. Myth: Only older men have infertility problems. 

Fact: “No, even young men can have severe infertility problems. Absence of sperms or very low sperm counts is often encountered at ages as young as 20.”

  1. Myth: Does smoking and drinking cause infertility in men? 

Fact: “Agreed. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol moderately is helpful as both are known to make sperm toxic.”

  1. Myth: Nutritional supplements don’t help in enhancing sperm quality. 

Fact: “Anti-oxidants like vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, selenium do help up to some extent.”

  1. Myth: Mobile phones kept within the pocket radiate electromagnetic waves, which damage sperm quality. 

Fact: “Well, this can be not always true as these concerns are yet to be proven by larger studies.”

Dr. Ashish Kale – IVF Specialist in Pune is also the founder of Ashakiran Hospital – A Infertility Center in Pune. He continuously shares his knowledge with his clients and creating awareness in the society about various topics.

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